About Sikumi Tree Lodge

Sikumi overlooks a watering pan set in a grove of acacia and mangwe trees

The pan is illuminated at night - Watch as black-maned lions pad across the drying grass and listen to the mournful cry of the jackal.

In keeping with safari tradition, a nightly log fire draws guests together to share their day’s discoveries. Without "wall to wall" tourists, Hwange park is the ideal destination for those video and photographic opportunities.

Safari holidays these days anywhere in Africa are normally extremely expensive, the best areas are normally occupied by five star lodges which tend to charge exorbitant prices, which is very unfortunate for the middle of the road family. Well do not despair, Sikumi Tree Lodge is ideal for anyone looking to see Africa at its best but doesn't want to camp or self cater but is also not concerned with the bells and whistles of a luxury camp.

It should really have be included in the area under the protection of the National Park! However its exclusion is to the advantage of the safari tourist, with lower reserve fees and the opportunity to undertake night drives on the estate. There is no boundary fence between this private estate and the National park and game wanders freely between the two.